Dear Faceless Masses

thrumaytraffic.pngDear Faceless Masses,

I figure it’s high time I offer a big “thanks!” to whoever it is that is visiting this blog. I thoroughly enjoy keeping it, but the traffic chart to date certainly doesn’t hurt my will to be consistent in my postings.

This also makes me curious just who has been coming here and why? You’re not all my mom, are you? (Incidentally, Dominic Canterbury had a great soundbite at Bizjam yesterday about the “Mom-pleaser” website. In his words, this is the site that doesn’t realize that “only your mom is going to think it’s really ‘cool’ that you have 30 web pages on your site. Everybody else wants it as simple as possible.’ I immediately laughed to myself as I considered the ‘Favorite Links’ page on my site. The secret’s out!).

Positive or negative, I’d love to hear what people have to say in response to the opinions voiced on 800 Steps. I am only at step 39 of 800 so far, and there is still much to be learned about how to manifest a vision. Let’s put our thoughts together and bang out these last 761 steps out real quick-like!

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