The Continued Adventures of Biz Plan v1

“Business Plan: Alpha Version” now complete and distributed. It’s currently about 10 pages of meat, and I’ll be quite curious to hear the feedback on it. Almost all of it right now is focused specifically on the business idea, the competition, and the methods in which it will be designed and launched. According to my official business plan book, that means I’m missing at least two of the four most important sections: the Executive Team and the Financials. Hopefully I’ll have those wrapped up in the next week. But I’m pretty satisfied with how it looks and reads for an alpha version. Tons of statistics (my bibliography citations take about 20% of the whole document!), which appeals to my quantum side.

And lots of graphs, charts, and pictures. If you are going to be writing a business plan, or an important document of any sort, you must buy the new version of Word. I’ve been using Word 2000 for the last several years since it was the last copy that could be easily warezed (whoops, did I say that or just think it?). But if you buy the Home version through a Microsoft employee (and who in the NW doesn’t have a Microsoft friend?) it’s only $35 for the whole Office suite, which is really a screaming deal, given the improvements that have been made to it since 2000. The version of Word I’m using has built-in, easy to find and use templates (stylishly stylized) for every type of diagram, table or chart I have seen fit to add to the document. Hand-drawn text boxes in Word 2000 simply can’t compare.

If you’d like to get your own copy of The Plan, holler!

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