4 Replies to “Twilio’s incentives to enable fraud against their customers: not a good look”

  1. Accurate…I got hit with 1200 dollars of charges for calls made to Slovenia when my web app ONLY sends text message…I too was shocked as I didnt even know you could call people using Twilio..they sent me same exact email….after i get refund I am leaving Twilio

  2. I’ve just had a similar issue, as a solo developer playing around with Twilio, I highly discourage against the use of it considering they racked up £800 of usage.

  3. We have also been impacted by this. Twilio is now trying to charge us over $25,000 relating to these sudden charges, when our typical monthly spend on voice calls with them in the past was less than $10. Needless to say, we are pushing back hard against paying.

    Thank you for posting this article. Your analysis, along with the posts from the other commenters, have helped us understand that this is an issue that Twilio has been aware of for over a year, has the ability to address, but has chosen not to – because it enriches them at their customers’ expense. Therefore we feel more confident in our position that we should not pay these charges, because Twilio appears to have been grossly negligent on this issue.

    Moreover, it does give cause to wonder if, more than simply leaving the door open for this type of incident, Twilio has a hand in arranging for them to occur?

    Depending on how hard they try to chase us to pay, we may put up a dedicated web site to make contact with other companies and individuals that have been affected by this so that our attorneys can gain a greater understanding of how widespread this pattern of events has been.

    1. Hi!
      Were you able to get a higher refund? I am dealing with this right now and they are pushing to pay less than 50%

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