6 Replies to “Q3 Linux Touchpad like Macbook Update: Multitouch gesture test packages are ready”

  1. Great news. Finally we can have multi touch support on all the TVs and devices that run Linux.

    Kind of strange that multi touch was never ported from Android to Linux desktops.

    The future of software is great !

    Good work !

  2. You can add the GNOME PDF viewer (evince) to the list of applications supporting touchpad gesture – though it only supports pinch-to-zoom, and then only under Wayland at the moment. 2-finger scroll is supported to scroll horizontally and vertically, but that’s not considered a “gesture”.

    I think that GNOME Web (epiphany) also supports pinch-to-zoom under Wayland. Though without hardware accelerated rendering it’s a bit clunky.

    As for triggering a “pinch” gesture, as you said this is quite tricky. It’s even harder to trigger a 3-finger pinch gesture, which is used for entering the window overview mode. This is indeed an area of libinput that could use some love.

  3. Bravo! Thank you for the clear-sighted approach being taken, and for not being afraid to tackle this properly, from the bottom all the way up. Watching progress with great interest!

  4. Are there currently any plans to release this for groovy? Upgraded to 20.10 and I can’t try it out because there’s currently only a focal release.

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