Nokogiri Recursively Find Children/Child from a Parent

Contrary to the pages of complex hand-written recursive methods I found on StackOverflow when Googling this, it is actually as simple as

  noko = Nokogiri::XML("my_noko_file.xml")
  parent_node = noko.root.xpath("//MyNodeName")
  children_named_floyd = parent_node.xpath(".//Floyd")

If you want to search on more complex criteria, you can also add in extra sauce to your xpath.

  noko = Nokogiri::XML("my_noko_file.xml")
 # Searches your entire XML tree for an XML node type "MyNodeName" that has an attribute "id" set to a value of '1234'
 # Then grabs the XML node of type "Something" from within the found NodeSet
  parent_node = noko.root.xpath("//MyNodeName[@id='1234']").at("Something")
  # Grab all children of the "Something" node that are of type "Floyd"
  children_named_floyd = parent_node.xpath(".//Floyd")

Nokogiri is a great gem. But I do often wish it’s docs had more examples and less byzantine explanations for common operations like these. But in the meantime, let’s hope Google will continue to fill in the gaps.

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  1. This was so helpful! I’ve been searching and searching for a way to do what you just said!

    Now i just have to find a way to differentiate between a node found inside a node and a parent node.

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