Javascript play sound (wav, MP3, etc) in one line

Alright, enough with the 10 page tutorials from 2006 describing detailed browser-specific implementation tricks to get sound playing. Google needs a refresh. In my experience in the 2010’s, here’s all you need to do to make a simple sound play in your web page:

Step one: add an element to your page

Step two: play a sound via that element


Or, if you’re using jQuery:


I’ve tried it in Firefox, Chrome and IE and it works like a charm for me. I’d imagine that your user has to have some basic sound software installed in their computer, but at this point, I’d reckon 99% of users do.

Feel free to add to the comments if you find any embellishments necessary to get this working.

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  1. thanks!!
    But it doesn’t work for Opera and Chrome for OS X in my case. I found a solution here:

    here is code:

    var mimeType = “application/x-mplayer2”; //default
    var agt = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();

    function getMimeType(){
    if (navigator.mimeTypes && agt.indexOf(“windows”)==-1)
    // non-IE, no-Windows
    var plugin=navigator.mimeTypes[“audio/mpeg”].enabledPlugin;

    // Mac/Safari & Linux/FFox
    if (plugin)
    }//end no-Windows
    return mimeType
    }//end function getMimeType

    mimeType = getMimeType();

    function playSound(){
    soundElement.innerHTML= “”;

  2. Hi,
    I found a even more simple solution:
    <source src=/music/song.ogg>
    <source src=/music/song.mp3>
    <embed src=/music/song>

  3. Thanks for this. Some of the techniques out there are so freaking excessive, especially for making one simple sound file play.

  4. Hey Aizad,

    Please don’t do that. I detest websites that auto play music. I am almost always listening to something else and it is very invasive. I am sure I am not alone in this.

  5. I have recorded the audio but i m facing difficulty in playing it back because it is in .src format.please help me to do this using javascript without using libraries.

  6. Super good solution, I was searching everywhere to find solution to play audio dynamically in IE8. Yes we still support IE8 🙂 your solution works, and u saved the day.

  7. The “” does not play each short MP3 file one by one. What did I do wrong, or maybe it just would not work?
    I made four MP3 files: koj.mp3, moog.mp3, dlaab.mp3 and tsi.mp3

    I thought that it was so simple, but it is not.
    Any help will be appreciated, and thank you in advance.

    Here are the codes:
    var talk = “Koj moog dlaab tsi”;// a string with words in Hmong = Where do you go? in English
    var arrayStr = talk.split(” “);//get each word into an array
    var talkArray = [];
    var word;
    for (var i = 0; i < arrayStr.length; i++) {//put words into array
    word = arrayStr[i].trim().toLowerCase();

    for (var i = 0; i < arrayStr.length; i++){//get each word from array to get MP3 file to pay its sound
    setTimeout(playAudio(talkArray[i]), 1000);//call the play audio function

    function playAudio(fileName){//make file name from word passed by caller
    var audio = new Audio("audio/" + fileName + ".mp3");;
    //alert("File: " + audio.src);//without pausing on this line, it would play all four files very fast in a flash. If I remove the comment on this line, it would play fine because it would pause.

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