Can’t open file in Rubymine?

Just wasted an hour fighting a bug in Rubymine 1.1.1 that wouldn’t let me open files. Every once in awhile, it just decides that it doesn’t want to open files of a certain type (in my case, all .html.erb and .rhtml files), regardless of how you try to open them (click in file browser, choose File -> Open, etc).

And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the fix:

File -> Invalidate caches
Close and re-open Rubymine


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  1. I only wasted 15 minutes instead of several hours thanks to your post. cheers

    This happens on Rubymine 3.0 usually after unexpected system reboots.

  2. Hey guys. I am having the same problem here with version 3.1.1. But the hints doesn’t help me at all. Tried many times. I will submit the bug and this link to JetBrains.

  3. Find it funny that this post is about 1.1.1 and it’s still happening for me in RubyMine 4.5. Fix still works though. Thanks

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