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  1. I was just struggling to do this myself.

    This is asinine. I was logged into my boyfriend’s amazon account when I set this up for a video he bought. But now I want to use my own account on my own computer with my own video player.

    This is idiocy!

    Thanks for your blog though! I googled about 5 minutes into this and now know to give up quickly thanks to your information.


  2. I think I figured it out on Windows 7 at least:


    This folder contains another folder which you can just move somewhere else on your computer. The next time you open up Unbox, it will ask you to log in again. I logged in with my other account and also changed the “Computer Name” and the “Download Folder” to remind me which account this one was. I then downloaded a free movie with the new account and it worked like a charm. When you want to go back to your other account just switch back to the folder that you moved originally.

  3. I was able to change my login after I exited the Unbox player, removed the folder “Amazon Digital Video” located at

    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAmazon

    and then re-launched the Unbox player.

  4. Thank You Nick Haas!

    Can’t believe that it’s 2012 and this issue is still not fixed! hey Amazon! UPDATE! It’d be great to see unbox handle multiple accounts at the same time.

  5. Hi,
    Nick’s solution is not working for me. Unbox opens as usual, and the moved file gets restored in the places I deleted it. Any solutions?

  6. When you do this, after you close Unbox, go to the system tray. Find the Unbbx logo and right click. Exit from there. Delete the folder. Then restart Unbox.

    The system tray is the area in the lower right of yor screen where you see the date and time, etc.

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