Rails script/server command line options

Usage: server [options]
-p, –port=port Runs Rails on the specified port. Default: 3000
-b, –binding=ip Binds Rails to the specified ip. Default:
-d, –daemon Make server run as a Daemon.
-u, –debugger Enable ruby-debugging for the server.
-e, –environment=name Specifies the environment to run this server under (test/development/production). Default: development
-s, –config-script=path Uses the specified mongrel config script.

-h, –help Show this help message.

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  1. Hi, I’m fairly new to Rails. I have an account on a school server and a folder for setting up my own web page. student.cs.wichita.edu/~tjmcmana The admin installed Rails for me and it seems to be in good working order. I’m trying to find some way to test a rails web page on that server. Is it possible using the command “script/server” somehow?

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