All Coming Together

You can look it up on — there are few things that I love more than seeing a plan hatch, and that’s just what I’m seeing as this site makes some big steps toward being the most usable site of its kind for its users. We began our first round of seeking seed investment this week, and so far, so great. People seem to quickly comprehend how this will be a big step forward in shopping, and the fact that I have a team that personifies awesome certainly makes for an easier sale.

hedgehog.jpgOnce we finish acquiring our seed funding, things get really fun. The old adage of “time is money” inverts to state “money is time,” and my hope with seeking our first group of investors is that the money we can obtain will buy us many months of time compared to the means that I’ve used to get the site to where it is now. I’ve been fortunate to get significant discounts on basically everything we’ve purchased so far (web design about half price, programming costs ridiculously low for the quality) by getting people excited to be part of the idea, but goodness, having a bit of capital to work with is going to open a lot of exciting new doors.

There’s still a hell of a lot to do, but if the team matters as much as the product, we’re golden.

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