Thousands of Pieces

Apologies, blog.

Clearly, there’s something of an inverse relationship working between how exciting my life and blog are at a given time.

Because while days pass without an entry on here, we are still full tilt in developing a working prototype of Bonanzle. bonanzlelogo.pngEvery day a new piece falls in place, but with what seems like thousands of pieces to assemble, a fully functioning and tested commerce site isn’t something that pops up when you turn around. Recently we have recruited an everyday web designer, and we have launched a search for another everyday web developer (hey ma, we’re on Monster!). I’m confident that if we can find the right person for this role, progress will be faster still.

Talking to Jordan today I compared the process of getting a project like this fully functional is like body building for the brain. It starts with a rush of adrenaline. Then you start getting stuff done. Every day we become stronger and smarter in the ways we get stuff done. Some days I can’t wait to get on whatever the task du jour is, some days notsomuch. But then I look behind at what we’ve done, and I realize that work accumulates and we’re on our way to building one hell of a thing. Beats watching late night TV.

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