The Storm

The storm of activity has begun, as we have finally found the web designer/scripter we need to finish the alpha push. Without further ado, let me introduce (ahem)…. me!

I tried to do it otherwise. The eMyth guy would surely have a cow about the entrepreneur/technician overlap, but at some point, I’ve found that the complexity of proposing deals to web designers in the relative absence of cashflow and a demonstrable user or technology base is just less efficient than getting my hands dirty in the Javascript/CSS/AJAX/Ruby/Rails/HTML. And besides, most all of the contributors to the project so far have found me, not vice versa.

But I like learning, so I’m generally enjoying the web development experience so far. Moving from console/application development to web development really does bring into focus the issue of “what satisfies you” as a developer? I speculate that most people find the greatest satisfaction when they can use their creativity to make coolest possible stuff happen on their technology platform. Web development has those overtones, but it seems to me to be just as involved “how to get your code to run on buggy browsers developed 10 years ago” as it is creative problem solving. I don’t know who finds that satisfying, but as a means to an end, that’s what this game seems to be about.

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