Sleep Management

Is there any literature yet devoted to the subject of “sleep management?” I have heard plenty of unnuanced opinions that lack of sleep causes diminished energy, herpes, death, or what-have-you; but I can not recall having read much literature about how one can step past those generalities and make their sleep schedule work for them.

From what I can tell, there is a pattern of trade-offs that correspond with different sleep frequencies. I’d roughly summarize my own trade-offs as follows:


The major takeaway being that, except in extreme (< 5 hours) cases, it is usually fine to queue up sleep during the weekend and use it during the week. This is the driving principle behind how stuff gets done here at Bonanzle. But it’s astounding to think how much more could get done by those that are gifted by only needing to average 6 hours or less per night. It’s a real shame that science hasn’t come to the rescue with the insta-rejuvinate pill. Sleeping is so old fashioned. Productivity enthusiasts shudder at that wasted 33% of all time every day.

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