The Joy of Rollin’

Good times in Bonanzledom.

We’re hitting on all cylinders. Web design is zipping along with geoffco delivering daily iterations of some of the site’s most key pages. Web development has proceeded at an impressive clip, with everybody getting their Ruby legs under them. Dan has pulled (and almost pulled) some pretty fancy tricks with the server. And we’ve been fortunate to continue getting significant contributions from a variety of other design and marketing sources. With this week’s progress, the tangible nature of the site is beginning to manifest, and I’m itching to keep it rolling so I can start using the site as a buyer and seller. I think this is the site that bridges the gap between my game and web experience in that it offers the productivity of a web app while it plays like a game. It’s going to be a surprising experience for the web masses who’ve become accustomed to visiting similar sites that provide either fun or needs-meeting services.

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