Craigslist Buyer and Seller Paradise

Bonanzle is aiming to be the Seattle Craigslist seller paradise by offering two sweet new features:

  1. Item importing. Items can be imported directly from Seattle Craigslist (or any other Craigslist, for that matter) by following the link to our Seattle Craigslist offer.
  2. 0 red tape account setup. You can test drive what it’s like to sell on Bonanzle without even setting up an account. I don’t think it could get much more simple if we tried.

Visit the link to see what Bonanzle is all about. The more people on the site, the more fun and addictive it shall become.

What is Bonanzle?

Bonanzle is an online marketplace for buying and selling goods faster while having more fun. We also aim to create the marketplace that is the most simple, yet powerful choice around.

Is Bonanzle a real word?

It is now. And it’s a verb. Bonanzle combines the wealth and excitement inherent in Bonanza (a large pocket of valuable mineral, or a source of prosperity), and the action implicit in -le (as in babble, burble, bustle). To Bonanzle is to spend quality time at an online space buying and selling goods, and meeting people.

What’s the launch plan?

In the month of May, we get as many items as possible on the site. Hopefully more than a thousand, hopefully from eBay and Craigslist refugees that are sick of complexity/fees, and who want a more immersive experience, respectively. On June 14th, the site opens to buyers. On June 21st, the great Bonanzle Bonanza happens (where as many booths as possible have a Bonanza on the same day). Sometime thereafter, we officially launch, depending on when the site achieves consistent stability and zippiness.

I care about the environment. Does Bonanzle?

Well that’s a loaded question if ever I heard one! We run a carbon-offset surplus. At Bonanzle, our goal is to offset twice the carbon we create, so that we will actively reduce CO2 levels. And when you consider that environmental watchdog gave both eBay and its lowest score for online businesses, it is pretty important that we go beyond offsetting just our own use. We know of no other online marketplace committed to offsetting double the carbon it uses. We believe this makes us the environmental leader amongst online sellers. And we feel pretty good about that. But not so good that we’re going to relegate ourselves to advertising as a foofy environmental site.