Me No Blog Hella Ugly!

Welcome to the 2000’s, self!

I’m ever so excited to be blogging at a blog that not only understands code highlighting, but doesn’t look like it was crafted by a mad scientist with cataracts in 1992. Now it looks more like it was crafted by a mad scientist without cataracts circa 2008 — which is an entirely more accurate representation of the truth.

That’s the good news.

The bad news? That I have don’t anything meaningful to report in this post.

Maybe I’ll just write some highlighted code instead.

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# options[:except_list]: list of symbols that we will exclude form this copy
# options[:dont_overwrite]: if true, all attributes in from_model that aren't #blank? will be preserved
def self.copy_attributes_between_models(from_model, to_model, options = {})
	return unless from_model && to_model
	except_list = options[:except_list] || []
	except_list << :id
	to_model.attributes.each do |attr, val|
		to_model[attr] = from_model[attr] unless except_list.index(attr.to_sym) || (options[:dont_overwrite] && !to_model[attr].blank?)
	end if options[:save]

Hey hey hey code, you're looking quite sexy this evening -- you come around here often?